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As experts in customs law, we are part of one of the oldest tax law firms in Germany. Thus we are highly experienced in dealing with your legal issues. In addition to customs law, we have specialized proficiency in exports and excise duties.
But our focus will always be on you and your interests!

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Customs law is typically very complicated. This is so for attorneys and tax consultants alike. This affords us with the opportunity to specialize in serving as expert advisers on customs and excise duties. For example, if you or your business wants to have a machine purchased from the United States to be repaired there, it is important to choose the correct customs procedure. A mistake in this regard can be very expensive. Ideally, you would employ an attorney for customs law or a specialist consultant for customs and excise duties who is familiar with the specifics of the case and can develop an optimal solution. This would save money and avoid the filing of a complaint by customs authorities which could even lead up to criminal prosecution.


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Publications by our specialists

Our attorneys and consultants regularly publish articles in specialist trade journals on customs law, excise duty law, foreign commercial law and related areas. Below are the contributions for the past weeks.

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